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10 Interesting Facts About Blacktip Reef Sharks

The blacktip reef shark is one of the three species of shark (with whitetip reef shark and grey reef shark) that permanently resides in the Indo-Pacific coral reefs . Compared to the other two sharks that inhabit deep water, the blacktip reef sharks are predominant in the shallow waters of this area. Blacktip reef sharks can enter brackish and freshwater environments. But this fish   can’t remain longer in freshwater due to its inability to tolerate the low salinity of freshwater. The most common food for blacktip reef sharks is small fish (groupers, mullet, jacks, etc.), crustaceans (shrimp and mantis), and mollusks ( squid , octopus, and cuttlefish). But these sharks have also been found eating sea snakes and sea birds through their strong teeth (number around 50). The  hunting  of blacktip reef sharks by humans is for their meat, liver oil, and fins. But it is less commercially significant as compared to other species of shark. Few larger fish also tend to eat small members o