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85 Interesting Facts About Mammals

Special features  in mammals are body hairs, mammary glands, and neocortex (part of the brain with higher intelligence functions). Only around  5% of mammals  are monogamous. Comparatively, this sexual behavior is present in nearly 90% of species of  birds . ( Source ) Suicidal reproduction, semelparity, is prevalent in  plants , fish, insects, and reptiles. But there are only four mammal species that mate themselves to death  to survive their genes. All these four species belong to insect-eating marsupials. ( Source ) Cats have the  best eyesight among mammals at night. They can do so by expanding their pupils in the dark. ( Source ) Reindeers, bats, and a few rodents are the only mammals that can  see ultraviolet (UV) light . ( Source ) Monotremes and dolphins  are the only mammals with a sense of  electroreception . They use electric fields generated by the muscular contractions of their prey to locate them. ( Source ) Primates (a mammalian order that also includes humans) are t

65 Interesting Facts About Insects

So far, more than  900,000 species  of insects have been discovered. According to estimates, the total number of insect species could be between 2 million and 30 million. ( Source ) According to estimates, there are around ten   quintillion  insects on  earth . It means there are 1 billion insects for every human being. ( Source ) The  oldest insect ever found  is 410 million years old. The fossil of this extinct insect was discovered in Scotland, UK. The second oldest known insect is 379 million years old. ( Source ) Most insects have a  compound eye   structure  with a very large view angle. ( Source ) Insects are devoid of lungs. Their  respiratory system  contains trachea (tiny tubes) that perform the function of the lungs. The oxygen enters their tissues through minute openings in their body. ( Source ) Coleoptera is the largest insect order , which contains more than 40% of insect species. There are more than 360,000 species of beetles and weevils in this order. The most pro


Australia is the 6 th largest country by area in the world. Australia is also the largest country by area in Oceania and Southern Hemisphere. After Norway , Australia has the 2 nd highest human development index in the whole world. ( Source ) Melbourne and Sydney are the 2 nd  and 3 rd   most livable cities  in the world. Adelaide is the 3 rd  Australian city in the list of the world’s top 10 most livable cities. ( Source ) Australia has the  cleanest air  in the world. The quality of outdoor and indoor air in Australia is the world’s best. ( Source ) Australians spend (and also lose) most  money in gambling  around the globe. An average Australian adult lost $990 in 2016 that is 49% more than the next-biggest losers, Singaporeans. ( Source ) Australia is a sovereign country with its parliament and government. But Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch of Australia. Most of the population in Australia resides in coastal areas as the climate of the inner part is hot


South Africa has the highest number of White (European) and Coloured (interracial) populations in the whole of Africa. South Africa is infamous for its adoption of  apartheid  (racial discrimination) from the 1960s till the beginning of the 1990s. More than  1800 white farmers  have been killed in South Africa between 1998 and 2016. ( Source ) South Africa has the world’s largest gap between rich and poor. This extreme income inequality is mainly due to the apartheid policy adopted between 1948 and 1994. ( Source ) South Africa was the only African country with  nuclear weapons . But it later dismantled the nuclear program after signing NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) in 1989. ( Source )  South Africa has 3 rd  highest  unemployment rate  in Africa . The 27.6% unemployment rate is also the highest among G20 countries. ( Source ) After Bolivia and India , South Africa has the most  official languages (11) in the whole world. South Africa has separate capital cities for executive