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50 Interesting Facts About Chickens

Chicken is the domesticated subspecies of the wild red jungle fowl , native to South Asia and Southeast Asia . Chicken also has some relation to the other three species of jungle fowls. A male chicken is known as cock or rooster, while a female is called a hen. Roosters are aggressive, with thicker legs and longer combs and wattles. Hackle and saddle feathers are also different in cocks and hens. Chicken domestication started  in Southeast Asia or India around 7,400 years ago. The initial domestication of chickens was either for cockfighting or religious purposes. The domestic chicken is the most common bird in the world. Its estimated population is more than 22 billion. Red-billed quelea is the second-most populous bird, with an estimated population of 1.5 billion. ( Source ) The Ayam cemini chicken in Indonesia is one of the  most pigmented  animals  on earth . All parts of its body, including feathers, beak, tongue, comb, toes, meat, and bones are bluish-black. Silkie, svarthona,

40+ Interesting Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys belong to primates . Several features make them different from apes, lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers . There are several prominent differences between apes and monkeys . Apes are larger with broad chest and shoulder joints. Monkeys are smaller and narrow-chested. Apes swing through trees, while monkeys run across branches. Monkeys have tails, while apes are without a tail. Apes have an appendix that is absent in monkeys. Apes are also more intelligent of the two. ( Source ) There are  two types  of monkeys according to their location. These are the Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. Famous New World monkeys are marmosets, squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, and titis. Famous Old World Monkeys are Mangabeys, macaques, baboons, langurs, and mandrills . The old-world monkeys originated in  Asia and Africa , while new-world monkeys belong to the Americas. There are physical differences between the two types as well. Old World monkeys are larger, having non-graspi

35+ Interesting Facts About Thailand

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. It is located in an area known as the Indochinese peninsular or mainland Southeast Asia. The earliest known inhabitants of Thailand arrived here around 20,000 years ago. Tai people arrived here from Taiwan about 1,000 years ago. Thailand was the only country in Southeast Asia that remained independent during the western imperialism of Asia from the 15 th  to the 20 th  Century. The  most expensive pet wedding  was held in Thailand in 1996. The wedding cost of two ‘diamond-eyed cats ’ was US$16241. ( Source ) The Thai capital Bangkok is the  world’s most visited city . It received around 22.8 million tourists in 2018. It was the 4 th  consecutive year for the city to hold this top place. ( Source ) The full ceremonial name of Bangkok is the  longest city name  in the world. Its full ceremonial name has 163 letters. ( Source ) Thailand is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand . The king of Thailand is the head of state. The current monarchy

30+ Interesting Facts About Whales

Whales are fully aquatic marine mammals, present in  all the  oceans  and many seas around the world. They belong to the order cetacea n. The other members of this order are dolphins and porpoises . The closest living relatives of whales are hippos. But neither hippos nor any other animals are ancestors of whales. Both these groups got their unique features separately. ( Source ) There are two types of whales: baleen whales and toothed whales. Baleen whales have baleen (made of keratin) in their mouth in contrast to the presence of teeth in toothed whales. Dolphins and porpoises also have teeth. Apart from different tooth structure, there are other differences between baleen and toothed whales. Baleen whales are generally larger than toothed whales, and have two blowholes compared to a single blowhole in toothed whales at the top of their heads. Toothed whales are social animals , while baleen whales are mostly solitary creatures. Females are larger in baleen whales, while males are

30+ Interesting Facts About Rabbits

Rabbits are small mammals belong to the family Leporidae. Hares are the only other members of this family. There are at least 29 species of rabbits. The most well-known species are the European rabbit and the eastern cottontail rabbit. More than 60 recognized domestic rabbit breeds  originated from the European rabbit. Famous rabbit breeds are Flemish giant, continental giant, Holland lop, lionhead rabbit, Dutch rabbit, etc. There are several differences between rabbits and hares . Rabbits are smaller with shorter ears. They are born with closed eyes and without fur compared to fully developed births in hares. Rabbits prefer to hide, while hares run from their predators. Rabbits generally live in areas with trees and shrubs, but hares prefer open-area habitats. ( Source ) Long ears  serve many functions for rabbits. These ears can rotate at 270 degrees, revolve independently, and can pick up sounds from a distance of 3 km. Rabbit’s ears also assist in thermoregulation by swelling in h

30 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

Nigeria is located on the western coast of Africa. It is the most populous country on the continent. Lagos in Nigeria is the largest city in Africa, with a population of more than 9 million. Two other Nigerian cities, Kano and Ibadan, are the 6 th and 7 th largest African cities. ( Source ) The oldest fossils in Nigeria dates back to 9000 BC. The first organized society was the Nok culture (500 BC to 200 BC). Sungbo’s Eredo in Nigeria is the  world’s 2 nd  largest monument  after the Great Wall of China. It was built around 1,000 years ago and discovered in 1999. This ancient monument consists of more than 500 interconnected enclosures and covers an area of 6,475 sq. km (2,500 sq. miles). ( Source ) The British occupied all the current territories of Nigeria by 1903.  They united the northern and southern parts of Nigeria in January 1914.  Nigeria gained independence from the UK on October 1, 1960. The country became a federation in 1963.  The Nigerian Civil War started in 1967 a