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35+ Interesting Facts About Cats

Cat, also known as the domestic cat or house cat, is a member of felines (cats). It is the smallest and the only domesticated member of this carnivorous family. There are more than 45 domestic cat breeds . These breeds differ due to their size, coat color, tail length, and other features. The largest is the Maine Coon, originated in the USA, with an average length of 3.5 feet. The Singapura, native to Singapore, is the smallest breed. The cat uses the “meow” sound to communicate with their mother or humans. It also communicates through its tail and other body parts. Many people think that cats purr to show their happiness. However, experts believe that purring also has healing properties . Sometimes, cats use this vocalization to reduce stress and strengthen bones. ( Source ) Female cats (queens) can become pregnant after four months of birth. They can mate with multiple males (tomcats) during their reproductive period. There are usually four to six kittens in a litter. Domestic cats

40+ Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico is a country in the southern part of North America. A small area in southern Mexico is part of Central America, a region of North America. Mexico has the highest number of Spanish speakers in the world. Nearly 125 million Mexicans are native speakers of Spanish. The native Spanish speakers in Colombia , the second-largest Spanish country, are less than 51 million. ( Source ) According to a discovery in 2020, humans initially settled in Mexico around 32,000 years ago during the last ice age. ( Source ) Mexico is part of Mesoamerica, one of the five cradles of civilization . This civilization continued for thousands of years before the Spanish colonization in the 16 th Century. According to scientific estimates, the asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs formed the  Chicxulub crater  in Mexico. This event happened 66 million years ago. ( Source ) The White Cave System ( Sistema Sac Actun ) in Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) is the  longest underwater cave system , having