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30 Interesting Facts About Blue Whales

The blue whale is a marine mammal that belongs to baleen whales. Its closest relatives are fin whales, humpback whales, and sei whales. The blue whale is the biggest animal to have ever lived on earth . It can reach a length of up to 98 ft. and weighs 200 tons. The blue whale has the largest lungs, heaviest tongue, and largest heart in the animal kingdom. Its heart rate is the slowest among mammals . ( Source ) The blue whale has five subspecies : Northern blue whale (in North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans), Antarctic (or Southern) blue whale, Indian Ocean blue whale, South Pacific Ocean blue whale, and Pygmy blue whale. The Antarctic blue whale is the largest, and the pygmy blue whale is the smallest among blue whales. Blue whales have the  smallest and narrowest flippers  relative to their size compared to other whales . Their flukes also cover the smallest area according to body length. ( Source ) Blue whales are one of the  loudest animals  on earth. Their calls can reach mo