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30 Interesting Facts About Hedgehogs

Hedgehog is a spiny mammal . However, it is not related to other common spiny animals like porcupines and echidnas .  The  closest relatives  of hedgehogs are shrews, moles, and moonrats. There are at least 16 recognized species of hedgehogs. They are native to Asia , Africa , and Europe . Hedgehogs can  climb trees up to 30 feet tall . They do so while looking for  insects  or other food sources. They sometimes fall from trees intentionally or accidentally. The intentional fall is either to save from predators or to reach the ground quickly. These mammals roll over their quills to survive such falls. ( Source ) Hedgehogs perform a special behavior known as  self-anointing . In this process, the animal foams in the mouth and spreads this foam all over its body by licking. It is probably a self-defensive technique, which either removes its scent or spreads toxic saliva to its body. There are several differences between  hedgehogs and porcupines . Hedgehogs have smaller quills that can’

20 Interesting Facts About Flamingos

A flamingo is a tall wading bird . These birds are present in parts of Africa, Asia , Europe , and the Americas. Flamingos fly at an  average speed of 60 km/h and can cover a distance of 375 miles in a single night. This bird can attain a height of 15,000 feet during its flight. Before their flight, they take a short runway by flapping their feathers and running on water. Flamingos eat with  heads upside down . Unlike other birds, flamingos have a much larger lower bill while their upper bill does not attach. It helps the bird to eat with an upside-down head. Their Mouth keeps the food in and water out. ( Source ) Flamingos are one of the few  birds  that  produce “bird milk,”  also known as crop milk. Both male and female feed their chicks with crop milk for two months. It has a higher fat and lower protein content than pigeon’s milk and is also rich in red and white blood cells. ( Source ) The world’s  oldest flamingo  died at the age of 83 years in 2014 at Adelaide Zoo. It was also

35 Interesting Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin belongs to the oceanic dolphin family.  They have three species:   common bottlenose dolphins (in warm and temperature seas worldwide), Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins (in the  Indian Ocean ), and southern  Australian  bottlenose dolphins (in Australia’s southern and southeastern shores). Dolphins and whales can only taste the salty flavor. However, bottlenose dolphins are unique as they can  taste sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors. ( Source ) Bottlenose dolphins use different eyes to observe  different types of objects. They use their left eye to see familiar objects and view unfamiliar objects from the right eye. ( Source ) Bottlenose dolphins are the only known nonhuman mammals  that use learned signals as labels to identify various social companions. ( Source ) Bottlenose dolphins are one of the few aquatic mammals that are known to  use tools . They use different tools for foraging and other purposes. ( Source ) Bottlenose dolphins have shown  altrui