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40 Interesting Facts About Crocodiles

There are  23 living species  of crocodiles on earth. At least 7 of them are extremely dangerous for humans. The range of crocodiles is in the continents of Asia , Africa , Australia, and the Americas. They prefer lowland, humid areas.  Crocodiles twist their prey violently to tear it apart. This process is known as the  “death roll,”  which is present in 24 of the 25 living crocodile species. ( Source ) Due to the lack of sex-determined chromosomes, the  nest  temperature  determines the gender of eggs in alligators. Temperature above 34 Celsius in the nest produces all-male offspring. ( Source ) The largest crocodile is the Saltwater Crocodile (20 to 23 feet in length and 1,000 to 1,200 kg in weight). It has a presence from the eastern coast of India to Southeast Asia and Australia . The saltwater crocodile is the  largest living reptile  on earth. Nine of the ten largest living reptiles on earth belong to the crocodile family. ( Source ) It is a myth that crocodiles allow

50 Interesting Facts About UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country in the Middle East, was founded on  December 02, 1971, with the unification of six Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Umm al-Quwain). The 7 th emirate (Ras al-Khaimah) joined the union later in February 1972. The world’s oldest natural pearl was discovered on an island near Abu Dhabi in 2019. This pearl is around 8,000 years old. ( Source ) The world’s longest zipline is in the emirate of Ras-al-Khaimah, UAE. The length of “Jebel Jais Flight” is 1.76 miles. ( Source ) UAE has the highest percentage of expat population in the world.  Around 85% population of the UAE consists of expats from various parts of the world, particularly South Asia . People from more than  200 countries  reside in UAE. It allows them to interact with people of various nationalities. ( Source ) The world’s longest handmade gold chain , with a length of 5 km, is in UAE. The ‘Dubai Celebration Chain’ weighs more than 240 kg and has 4 mill

50+ Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

The current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the third Saudi state,  founded in September 1932 in the Arabian Peninsula by the House of Saud.  A  pact between the House of Saud and religious scholar Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab played a vital role in establishing the first Saudi state (1744-1818). This pact is still in place, and the Al ash-Sheikh (descendants of the religious scholar) control religious affairs, education, and judiciary in Saudi Arabia. ( Source ) Al-Ahsa Oasis in the Al-Ahsa region of Saudi Arabia is the  largest self-contained oasis . More than 2.5 million palm trees in this oasis span over 85 sq. km (nearly 33 sq. miles). Over 280 artesian springs from an underground aquifer provide water to this oasis. ( Source ) Saudi Arabia fulfills 50% requirement of its drinking water from  seawater desalination. I t is the world’s largest producer of desalinated water.  ( Source ) Saudi Arabia is the world’s 12 th largest country   and the 4 th  largest in  Asia . It is a