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65+ Interesting Facts About India

India is the 2 nd largest country by population and the 7 th largest by area. India and China are the only two countries with over 1 billion human population each, while around 35% population of the whole world resides in these two countries. During the 1970s, India initiated a sterilization campaign to halt the rapidly increasing population. This campaign resulted in the  forced sterilization of millions of men. India was the place of discovery of diamonds in the 4 th  Century BC. It remained the  only source of diamonds in the world till the 18 th  Century. ( Source ) There is a glacial lake in Indian Himalayas known as Roopkund Lake. It is commonly known as  Skeleton Lake  due to hundreds of human skeletons. DNA analysis shows that these skeletons belong to people of different ancestries. ( Source ) India is the 2 nd  largest English-speaking country  in the world. There are around 125 million English speakers in India. The majority of these speak English as 2 nd  language

30+ Interesting Facts About Iraq

Iraq is the birthplace of several ancient civilizations. It is therefore known as the  Cradle of Civilization . Iraq is mainly a hot desert area. Life in Iraq has depended on the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates  since ancient times. Sumer is the first civilization of Iraq that introduced  a writing system, wheeled vehicles, and City-States in the world. The  oldest known fictional story  is the “Epic of Gilgamesh.” The complete version of this story was written around the 12 th  Century B.C. by Babylonians. Archaeologists found its lost copy in the 19 th  Century near Mosul, a northern Iraqi city. ( Source ) Foreign empires, including Achaemenid Empire, Parthian Empire, Sassanian Empire, and the Abbasid Caliphate had their capital cities in Iraq.  Iraq has the 5 th largest oil reserves and 7 th largest natural gas reserves in the world. The current Iraqi capital of Baghdad was established in 762 AD by the second Abbasid caliph Al-Mansur. Baghdad was destroyed by Mongo

35+ Interesting Facts About Egypt

Egypt is the only transcontinental country in Africa. The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt is in Asia . Egypt is the largest country by population in North Africa and the Middle East, the 3 rd largest country in Africa (after Nigeria and Ethiopia ), and the 5 th largest country in the Muslim world. The  world’s longest table  is in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The length of this table is more than 3,189 m and was used to serve iftar for 7,000 people on 2 nd  June 2019. ( Source ) Egypt contains two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. ( Source ) In 2017,   unexplored passageways  were discovered in the Great Pyramid of Gaza. This void is the first large internal structure discovered in the pyramid since the 1800s, thanks to the latest technology. ( Source ) The Great Pyramid of Giza  is the oldest and the only ancient wonder that still exists.  Great Pyramid of Gaza is the oldest Ancient Wonder There are 7 UN