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40+ Interesting Facts About Sweden

Sweden is one of the three countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula . It lies between Norway and Finland. Sweden has a mild climate  related to its surroundings. It is due to the influence of the warm North Atlantic current and the moderate southwesterly winds. More than 60% area in northern Sweden is mountainous with forests. The soil in the southern part of the country is fertile. Sweden has the  highest number of islands  in the world. According to estimates, this Nordic country has jurisdiction over 221,800 islands.   ( Source ) Sweden  recycles 99%  of its domestic waste. Furthermore, the country also imports and recycles more than 2 million tons of rubbish from Norway, the UK, Ireland , and other countries. ( Source ) Sweden has the  largest stealth ship  in the world. This corvette is 72m long and has a displacement of 600 tons. ( Source ) Sarek National park in northern Sweden is  Europe’s oldest national park , established in 1909. The country set up a total of 9 national parks