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Italy is a country in south-central Europe . It is composed of the Italian peninsular along with several adjacent islands. Vatican City (0.49 sq. km) and San Marino (61 sq. km) are the smallest and the 5 th smallest countries in the world. Both these countries are surrounded by Italy. Italy also has an area surrounded by another country. The Italian town of Campione d’Italia is encircled by Switzerland. There is a  secret passage  from the Vatican City to Rome. This 2,600 ft. long passage is an escape route for the pope in case of any emergency. ( Source ) Italy is the 4 th most populous among countries entirely in Europe. Its population is more than 60 million. Italian is the national and official language of the country with more than 90% speakers. Few other languages also have official status. Nearly 85% of Italians follow Roman Catholic Christianity . Italy is the largest Roman Catholic country in Europe and the 4 th largest in the world. Florence in Italy is known as the bir