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60 Interesting Facts About Italy

Italy is a country in south-central Europe . It is composed of the Italian peninsular along with several adjacent islands. Vatican City (0.49 sq. km) and San Marino (61 sq. km) are the smallest and the 5 th smallest countries. Both these countries are surrounded by Italy. Italy also has an area surrounded by another country. The Italian town of Campione d’Italia is encircled by Switzerland. There is a  secret passage  from the Vatican City to Rome. This 2,600 ft. long passage is an escape route for the pope in any emergency. ( Source ) Italy is the 4 th most populous among countries entirely in Europe. Its population is more than 60 million. Italian is the national and official language of the country, with more than 90% of speakers. Few other languages also have official status. Nearly 85% of Italians follow Roman Catholic Christianity . Italy is the largest Roman Catholic country in Europe and the 4 th largest in the world. Florence in Italy is known as the birthplace of the Re