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25+ Interesting Facts About Vultures

Vulture is the most famous scavenger among birds. It is present on all continents except Australia and Antarctica . Vultures are among the few land birds that can  remain in the air for long periods without flapping their wings. They do so thanks to low wing loading and low aspect ratio of wings. ( Source ) It is a myth that vultures circle dead or dying animals. They  sit and patiently wait for the death of a dying animal. They mostly circle high in the sky while searching for food. ( Source ) There are mainly two types of vultures according to their location. These are Old World vultures (present in Asia , Africa, and Europe) and New World vultures (present in the Americas). Ruppell’s griffon vulture can fly at an altitude that is not possible for any other bird due to cold and lack of oxygen. The confirmed flight of this central African native vulture is  37,000 ft. (11,278 m) above sea level. In 1974, it collided with an airplane at this altitude. ( Source ) The Ruppell’s griff

25 Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is the 5 th most populous country in Asia and 8 th in the world. Bangladesh is in the 7 th position in the list of countries with the highest population density. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has been named the world’s 3 rd   least livable city . ( Source ) Bangladesh is the  most polluted country in the world. Its pollution index of 97.1 is far ahead of the 2 nd  most polluted country ( Pakistan with 74.27). Bangladesh has the world’s highest rate of  girls marrying before 15 years  of age and the 2 nd  highest rate for girls marrying before 18 years. ( Source ) Bangladesh has the  2 nd  lowest obesity rate  in the world. Just 3.6% of adults in Bangladesh are obese. ( Source ) In 2002, Bangladesh became the first country to  ban plastic bags . Now, more than 80 countries have a full or partial ban on plastic bags.   ( Source ) Cox’s Bazar Beach in Bangladesh is the longest natural sea beach in the world. The length of this sandy sea

30+ Interesting Facts About Butterflies

There are around 18,500 species of butterflies on earth. They  are present on every continent except Antarctica. An important reason for the wide-scale distribution of butterflies on earth is their migration from one part of the earth to another. Painted lady and monarch butterflies are good examples that can migrate over long distances. According to butterfly fossils, this insect has been on earth since 56 million years ago . Butterflies are beneficial for plants as they assist in the pollination of those plants that they visit. Butterflies can carry a smaller amount of pollen than  bees , but they can take the pollen to longer distances. Harvester and a few other butterfly species prove helpful for plants by  eating harmful  insects . Common  enemies  of butterflies are protozoans, wasps, flies, and other invertebrate animals. Butterflies use several  defensive techniques  to protect themselves from these predators. These include camouflage, toxins, auditory defenses, head