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20+ Interesting Facts About Albania

Albania is one of the very few Muslim-majority countries in Europe. Around 60% of people in Albania are Muslims (majority Sunni Muslims). Islam was introduced in Albania after its conquest by Ottoman Empire in the late 14 th and early 15 th Centuries. Before that, the majority Albanian population was adherent to Christianity . Albania has the highest consumption rate of cocaine  in the world. About 2.5% of the Albanian population uses cocaine. ( Source ) George Castrioti Skanderbeg, an Albanian nobleman and military leader, rebelled against the Ottomans in 1443 after serving them for 20 years. Skanderbeg remained undefeated  for the next 25 years when the Ottomans were at the peak of their rule. Muhammad Ali Pasha, an Albanian Ottoman ruler of Egypt, is considered the founder of modern Egypt . His dynasty remained in power in Egypt from 1805 till the 1952 coup d’├ętat.    Albania is also known as the world’s first atheist country . The communist regime of Albania banned practici

20+ Interesting Facts About Guyana

Guyana is a small country in South America. However, it is also considered part of the Caribbean region due to its geographical, cultural, and historical ties. Caribbean Community (CARICOM) represents 15 Caribbean nations. The headquarter of CARICOM is in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital. Guyana is one of the most forested countries  in South America . More than 87% area of Guyana has  forests . 11% of the country’s population is indigenous that owns 18% of these forests. ( Source ) Guyana has the highest percentage of people living abroad . More than 36% of Guyanese reside in other countries. ( Source ) Guyana is a word taken from the Native American language, which means “land of many waters.” Guyana has the second highest suicide rate  in the world. Its suicide rate (40.3/100,000 people) is only below Lesotho (72.4/100,000 people). ( Source ) St. George Cathedral in Georgetown is one of the tallest wooden churches  in the world. This Anglican Church is 143 feet tall. ( Source ) K