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25+ Interesting Facts About Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia. This small country is surrounded by China and India. Bhutan is the first, and so far the only,  carbon-negative country  in the world. Bhutan only generates 1.1 million tones of CO2, while its forests can absorb a lot more CO2. ( Source ) Bhutan is also the first country to  ban tobacco products . The ban on smoking and selling of all types of tobacco products was imposed in this Asian country in December 2004. ( Source ) Bhutan is one of the seven countries in the world and the only country in  Asia  without any world heritage site. ( Source ) Paro airport in Bhutan is known as one of the  most dangerous  in the world. Only a few pilots are certified to land and take off from this airport. It is located in a winding valley between high peaks. The airport has a small runway that is only visible moments before landing. Due to the absence of radar, flights are only allowed during daylight under clear visibility. ( Source ) Bhutan is the  h

35 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the seven countries in Central America. It shares land borders with Panama and Nicaragua.  Costa Rica has the highest percentage (over 65%) of white people in Central America. It is also the only Central American country with a majority white population of European descent. Costa Rica is famous as the  oldest and strongest democracy in Latin America. Consequently, it has the most stable government in Central America.  Costa Rica hosted the world’s longest-running TV educational show. The Teleclub ran for a minimum of 53 years and 244 days from 8 th  February 1963 to 9 th  October 2016. ( Source ) Costa Rica has  defaulted nine times . It is one of the highest numbers of defaults in the history of world economics. ( Source ) Costa Rica is on the list of the world’s ten best  ethical destinations for 2019. The country achieved this status by abolishing  shark  finning, promoting green energy, and taking other environmental and humanitarian-friendly measures. Co