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35+ Interesting Facts About Judaism

Judaism is the oldest among the three Abrahamic religions. It dates back to over 3000 years. Judaism is primarily composed of the people of Israel. Conversion from other faiths of non-Israeli people is usually not encouraged. Israeli Jews are divided into four main groups according to their religious and cultural affiliation. Around 50% are secular Jews (Hilonim) that give less importance to religion and more to culture. The smallest (9%) and the most religiously devoted group is Haredim. They reject military service and oppose Zionism. ( Source ) Jews can also be divided into ethical and geographical basis. These are Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Ashkenazim (German and Northern French) Jews, and Sephardim (Iberian) Jews. ( Source ) The Jewish calendar is the oldest still in use. Its general usage started in the 9 th  Century BC. ( Source ) Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the holiest site in Judaism. Other sacred sites for Jews are the Western Wall, Mount Sinai, M

45 Interesting Facts About Christianity

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with more than 2.4 billion adherents (over 33% world population). All the European countries have a Christian majority population except Kosovo, Albania , Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. All the countries in the Americas (North America and South America ) have a Christian majority population. The  USA has the  largest Christian population in the world. ( Source ) Latin America and the Caribbean have the highest number of Roman Catholic Christians in the world. The Catholic Church established the office of  Inquisition  to stop and punish heresy in Europe and South America. This practice started in the 12 th  Century and continued for centuries. These inquisitions resulted in the execution of numerous non-Catholic Christians, Jews, and Muslims. ( Source ) Most of the Christians in eastern and central Europe follow Eastern Orthodox Church .  Eastern Orthodox Church parted its ways from Roman Catho

30 Interesting Facts About Islam

Islam is a pure  monotheistic religion  that teaches Allah (God) is the sole creator, the lord, all-powerful, merciful, eternal, and unique. With around 1.5 billion followers, Islam is the 2 nd largest religion in the world after Christianity. ( Source ) Islam is the  fastest-growing religion in the world. It can surpass Christianity as the largest religion in the second half of the 21 st Century if this trend continues. ( Source ) Holy Quran is the principal religious book of Islam. However, Islam accepts the original and unaltered Torah and Bible as texts from Allah . The Holy Quran is one of the most read religious books in the world. Millions of Muslims read it regularly. Apart from the Arabic text, translations in numerous languages are also available for Muslims and people of other faiths to read and understand the Quran. Islam recognizes all the prophets of Judaism and Christianity. But it emphasizes that all these prophets taught Islam. Contrary to Judaism, Isla


Ancient Egypt is one of the six ancient civilizations collectively known as the  Cradle of Civilization . The Egyptian-Hittite peace treaty of 1259 BC is considered the first peace treaty in history. ( Source ) Bread and beer were the  most important food and drink  in Ancient Egypt. Beer was consumed on daily basis. Beer and wine were more popular than fruits and fruit juices. There are few signs of diseases like cancer , syphilis, and tooth decay in mummies of Ancient Egypt. But a wide range of  worms and other parasites  were seen during the examination of these mummies. ( Source ) Egyptians were the first to develop bed frames . The similarities between sleep and awakening were initially described by Egyptians. There were  special sleep temples  in Ancient Egypt that were used to heal various ailments through sleep. ( Source ) The 2 nd  and 3 rd   oldest mathematics books  were discovered in Egypt. These books were written around 1850 BC and 1650 BC. Ancient Egypt is known


Israel is the only Jewish majority country in the world. The Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert of Israel is the world’s largest erosion crater . It was created 220 million years ago and has a length of 40 km. ( Source ) Oldest known hearth was discovered from an Israeli limestone cave. This  “first-ever fireplace”  was used to cook meals 300,000 years ago. ( Source ) A jellyfish sting is lethal to humans. Israel has prepared the world’s first  jellyfish repellent  that can protect humans from this dangerous sting. ( Source ) Israel is known for several modern scientific inventions . A few of these inventions that have changed the world include PillCam (a digestible medical camera), the flexible stent (for opening arteries), Firewall software, USB flash disk, Watergen (a moisture farming device), and Waze GPS. ( Source ) Israel has achieved 12 Nobel prizes including 4 in Chemistry and 2 in Economics. Until 2003, Israel was the top receiver of  US military funding . Israel ha