40+ Interesting Facts About Israel

  1. Israel, a small country in the Middle East, is the only Jewish-majority country in the world. It was founded in 1948 after the end of British mandate in Mandatory Palestine. 
  2. The Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert of Israel is the largest erosion crater. It appeared 220 million years ago and has a length of 40 km. (Source)
  3. The oldest known hearth was discovered in an Israeli limestone cave. This “first-ever fireplace” was used in cooking meals 300,000 years ago. (Source)
  4. Israel opened its first underwater national park in 2021. Caesarea was a major port city nearly 2,000 years ago during the era of King Herod. (Source)
  5. Jellyfish stings are lethal to humans. Israel has prepared the world’s first jellyfish repellent, which can protect humans from this dangerous sting. (Source)
  6. Israel is known for several modern scientific inventions. A few of these inventions that have changed the world include PillCam (a digestible medical camera), the flexible stent (for opening arteries), Firewall software, USB flash disk, Watergen (a moisture farming device), and Waze GPS.
  7. Israel has remained the largest receiver of US direct aid since its independence. A large part of this support is in the form of military assistance. 
  8. Israel has a 20% Arab population. Majority of these are Muslims, while others are Christians and Druze. Hebrew and Arabic are the two official languages of the country.
  9. Israel is the only country in the world using a revived language (Hebrew) as its national language.
  10. The world’s largest raptor migration takes place above Israel. 35 species of birds of prey cross Israel every year during this migration.
  11. More than 500 million birds cross Israeli airspace annually to migrate toward Africa. It is the world’s second-busiest bird migration route after Panama in Central America. (Source)
  12. Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange (Bursa) is the world’s largest diamond trading complex. More than 15,000 people from around 1,500 companies are working here. (Source)
  13. Israel has never admitted its nuclear capability. But according to estimates, the Jewish state has over 70 nuclear weapons. (Source)
  14. The Dead Sea is the lowest and one of the saltiest places on earth. Its location is between Israel and Jordan.
    Satellite image of Dead Sea and Galilee
    Dead Sea and Galilee have unique features
  15. The Sea of Galilee in Israel is the world’s lowest freshwater lake. Its surface elevation is 209 meters (686 feet) below sea level. 
  16. A theatre company in Jaffa is made up entirely of deaf and blind actors. The English name of this company is "Please Touch." (Source)
  17. Tel Aviv has at least 100 sushi restaurants. It makes it the city with the 3rd most sushi restaurants per capita after Tokyo and New York. (Source)
  18. Israel has the 3rd highest percentage of university degree holders in the world. Around 50% of Israeli adults are university graduates. (Source)
  19. Neturei Karta is an orthodox Jewish sect that supports Palestine and opposes Zionism. It is against establishing any Jewish state before the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. (Source)
  20. The latest immigration of Jews from various parts of the world to the current Israeli state started in 1882. Since then, millions of Jews have arrived in Israel from different parts of the world.
  21. Hebrew Calendar is in use for religious purposes in Israel and plays a vital role in the life of the Israeli people.
  22. There is compulsory military service (conscription) for all Israeli citizens (men and women) over 18 years of age.
  23. Israel is one of 10 countries that draft women into the military. Compared to three years for men, the mandatory military service for Israeli women is two years. (Source) 
  24. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has created several political issues worldwide. A Palestinian man assassinated US President Robert F Kennedy for his support of Israel.
  25. Israel was the first country to introduce a law banning underweight models. It imposed this ban in 2012 on models with BMI of less than 18.5. (Source)
  26. Israel is one of only a limited number of countries in the world without a written constitution. Instead, there are basic laws in Israel that deal with human rights and governing bodies.
  27. Israel is the world’s 6th most innovative country. It ranks 1st in R&D (Research and Development) intensity. (Source)
  28. Researchers in Israel successfully grew date palm trees in 2005 from 2000-year-old seeds. Ancient seeds were bigger and heavier than modern date palm varieties. (Source)
    Dates on date palm
    Date palm of 2000 year old seeds are in Israel

  29. The drip irrigation system is known for better yield and quality in crops with less water usage. This water-saving system was invented in Israel in 1959. (Source)
  30. Israel has been providing desalinated freshwater from the Mediterranean Sea to its population for two decades. The country is now planning to take this desalinated water to the Sea of Galilee, a freshwater lake. (Source)
  31. The largest dog cemetery in the world is present in Israel. Around 2,500 dogs are buried in Ashkelon. (Source)
  32. Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery in Israel is the world’s 4th oldest cemetery. There are more than 70,000 graves here. (Source)
  33. Several Muslim and some other countries have no diplomatic relations with Israel due to their support to Palestine in the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  34. Egypt was the first Arab country that recognized Israel in 1979. Bahrain and UAE are the latest Arab countries that recognized the Jewish State in 2020. 
  35. Notable scientist Albert Einstein was a German Jew, who became a US citizen. He was offered the ceremonial post of Israeli President in 1952, which he declined. 
  36. An Israeli commercial airliner made the record for carrying the most passengers on a commercial flight. Around 1,088 passengers were on its flight on 24th May 1991, involved in evacuating Ethiopian Jews from Addis Ababa. (Source)
  37. Diplomatic relations between Israel and Vatican City, the holiest place for Roman Catholics, were established in 1993-94.
  38. In the southeast of Acre, there is Napoleon hill. It was the place where Napoleon established his camp during the Siege of Acre (1799). (Source)
  39. Israel has the 12th longest life expectancy in the world and the 6th longest in Asia. The average lifespan in this Asian country is more than 83 years. (Source)
  40. Microsoft has more employees per capita from Israel than any other country. It is one of the four countries where R&D centers working in general and innovative projects. (Source)
  41. Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world. There are more than 200 museums in this country with a population of just over 9 million. 
  42. The World Center of the Baha’i faith is in Israel. It is the spiritual and administrative center of that religion, established in the Acre-Haifa area of northern Israel. Its importance is due to the shrine of its founder, Bahaullah, in this area. (Source)


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