15 Interesting Facts About Temperate Deciduous Forests

  1. Temperate deciduous forests are present in eastern parts of North America, Central and Western Europe, southern parts of Scandinavia, and East Asia.
  2. The climate of these areas is cold in winters, and hot and wet in summers. The average annual temperature is 10 C. It can vary from -30 C to 30 C.
  3. Temperate deciduous forests receive between 750 mm and 1,500 mm of rain annually. It makes it the second rainiest biome after the tropical rainforest.
  4. There are four seasons in this biome. The average duration of each season is around 3 months. The leaves of deciduous forests change their color to orange, red, and yellow in autumn. The trees shed their leaves in winter and re-grow them in spring.
  5. The most common trees in these forests are broadleaf trees. These include oak, maple, beech, basswood, chestnut, and elm.
  6. Several layers of plants are present beneath trees in the temperate deciduous forests. These layers are divided into the shrub, herb, and ground layers (contains mosses, lichens, and fungi).
  7. Temperate deciduous forests have a growing season from four months to six months. It is the longest growing season among all biomes.
  8. Several animal species live in temperate deciduous forests. This biome is inhabited by predators (mountain lions, bears, etc.), large herbivore mammals (moose and dear), small mammals (squirrels, rabbits, possums, etc.), birds (woodpeckers, jays, etc.), reptiles (snakes, turtles), amphibians (toads and salamanders) and insects (butterflies, termites, walking sticks, etc.).
  9. Temperate deciduous forests have a higher number of human inhabitants compared to other biomes. An important reason is a rich soil that is ideal for agriculture.
  10. There are hardwood trees in these forests. These trees have denser wood than coniferous trees and are thus more valuable. The wood of these trees is ideal for the construction of doors, windows, furniture, and firewood.
    Water stream in temperate deciduous forest
    Canopy layer maintain water flow in these forests

  11. Temperate deciduous forests have freshwater streams, ponds, lakes, and small rivers. The cover of the forest canopy of deciduous trees assists in the flowing of these water sources by decreasing their evaporation rate from intense heat in the summer season.
  12. Acid rain, caused by industrial and vehicle emissions, is extremely harmful to the leaves and seeds of trees in this biome. Uncontrolled clearing of forests for timber and agriculture, and the introduction of non-native animals and plants are also big threats to temperate deciduous forests.
  13. Apart from trees, a few insects that cannot survive winters also make seasonal adaptations. They lay eggs before their death in winter, and these eggs hatch in the spring season.
  14. Many animals in these forests use different layers of plants and ground for camouflage and protection.
  15. Apart from shedding their leaves, the trees also utilize sap to tolerate the winter season. The sap protects roots of the roots from freezing during winters.


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