20 Interesting Facts About Tiger Sharks

  1. The Tiger shark is a species of requiem shark. The other members of this family are blacktip sharks, blacktip reef sharks, spinner sharks, etc.
  2. Tiger sharks protect seagrasses. Dugongs and other marine animals eat seagrass. But in the presence of tiger sharks, they keep a distance from their favorite food due to fear of these sharks. (Source)
  3. In 1935, a newly captured tiger shark vomited a human arm in an aquarium in Sydney. This arm assisted in solving an Australian murder mystery. (Source)
  4. The tiger shark is the 4th largest shark species and the largest non-filter-feeding fish in the world. It can reach a length of up to 24.6 ft. (7.5 m).
  5. Female tiger sharks are larger than males. The maximum length is nearly 18 feet in females and 12 feet in male sharks.
  6. These sharks are present in tropical and temperate waters around the globe. They can swim up to the depth of 350 m (1,150 ft.) undersea.
  7. Tiger sharks are named so due to their visible stripes. These stripes are prominent in juveniles and disappear after adulthood.
  8. Tiger sharks are the only member of their family with ovoviviparous reproduction. The gestation period of a female shark is 15 to 16 months, and it reproduces once after three years. (Source)
  9. Babies of sand tiger sharks eat their siblings before birth in their mother’s womb. At the time of birthing, only two babies remain in each womb. (Source)
  10. Tiger sharks consume a wide variety of marine and terrestrial prey. They commonly eat fish, crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, etc.), marine birds, small sharks, seals, squids, turtles, snakes, porpoises, etc.
  11. Tiger sharks can attack and kill injured or ailing humpback whales. NOAA has recorded at least one such incident. (Source)
  12. Tiger sharks can share a large meal with other animals. A video shows them sharing carcass of a humpback whale with a saltwater crocodile. (Source)
  13. Killer whales are the only known animals that kill and eat adult tiger sharksOrcas use a brutal technique to hunt these sharks. (Source)
  14. Tiger sharks are famous as the ocean’s garbage cans thanks to their consumption of all types of garbage. It includes bottles, tires, cans, nails, etc.
    Upper teeth of tiger sharks
    Double-serrated teeth in tiger sharks are one of the sharpest among sharks

  15. Tiger sharks have one of the sharpest teeth among sharks. But these deeply notched teeth lose their sharpness earlier than teeth in most other shark species. (Source)
  16. The discovery of fossils of well-mineralized teeth of ancient tiger sharks reveals that they are around 13.8 million years old. Apart from that, there were multiple species of tiger sharks in the past compared to the current single species. Modern tiger sharks can cut through the hard shells of sea turtles with their double-serrated sharp teeth. (Source)
  17. The tiger shark is the second-most dangerous shark to humans after great white sharks. These sharks become aggressive after spotting humans in the water. (Source)
  18. According to estimates, tiger sharks can live from 20 to 50 years in the wild. Their average lifespan is 27 years.
  19. Tiger sharks can give birth from 10 to 80 pups per litter. The average litter size is 20 to 30 live young. 
  20. Tiger sharks have dark dorsal side and lighter underside. This coloration provides camouflage and assists while hunting prey.


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