60+ Interesting Facts About Singapore

  1. Singapore is a city-state in maritime Southeast Asia, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.
  2. The country is composed of Singapore Island and more than 60 islets. Johor Strait separates Singapore Island from Peninsular Malaysia.
  3. Singapore is the 2nd most densely populated sovereign country after Monaco. More than 8,000 people live per square km in this Asian country. (Source)
  4. The inhabitants of Singapore have the highest IQ (Intelligent Quotient) level in the world. The result is based on nine international studies between 1990 and 2010. (Source)
  5. Singapore has four official languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. The latter three represent the languages of country's major ethnic groups.
  6. The population of Singapore is ethnically diverse. More than 74% are Chinese, nearly 14% are Malay, and 9% have Indian origin.
  7. Singapore is one of a dozen countries with 100% of the urban population. Kuwait is the only other sovereign country in Asia with a 100% urban population. (Source)
  8. Singapore is the world’s most religiously diverse country. Here, 34% of people follow Buddhism, with a slightly less percentage of adherents of Christianity, Islam, unaffiliated, and Hinduism. (Source)
  9. Singapore achieved self-governance in 1959, and only defense and foreign policy remained under British control. However, it joined the Federation of Malaysia after its formation in 1963.
  10. Due to political and ethnic tensions, Singapore separated from Malaysia and became an independent state on August 9, 1965.
  11. Singapore has the best credit rating in Asia, with a Trading Economics (TE) score of 98 out of 100. It is the only Asian country receiving AAA credit ratings from all four major global credit rating agencies (Moody’s, Standard & Poor, Fitch, and DBRS). (Source)
  12. Singapore has the world’s 2nd highest GDP per capita. It is only behind Luxembourg in this measurement. (Source)
  13. Singapore is the world’s 2nd most expensive city, along with Paris. It was the most expensive city until 2020. (Source)
  14. Singapore has the world’s 2nd highest homeownership rate. More than 90% inhabitants of the country are homeowners. (Source)
  15. Singapore has the 5th highest life expectancy in the world. Life expectancy for both sexes is more than 84 years. (Source)
  16. Singapore has the 3rd fastest broadband internet speed in the world and the 2nd fastest by any sovereign country after Monaco. (Source)
  17. Singapore has the 2nd lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Slovakia is the only country that performs better than Singapore. (Source)
  18. According to the latest corruption rank, Singapore is the least corrupt country in Asia and one of the least in the world. (Source)
  19. People’s Action Party (PAP) is the leading political party in Singapore. This conservative party has been ruling this city-state continuously since 1959.
  20. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is country’s only UNESCO world heritage site. It is so far the only tropical botanical garden and the 3rd botanical garden on UNESCO’s list. (Source)
    A lake in Singapore Botanic Garden
    Singapore Botanic Garden is the UNESCO's only tropical botanic garden

  21. Singapore initially had tense relations with its immediate neighbors, Malaysia and Indonesia, due to territorial disputes. However, many of these issues have been settled through agreements with both countries.
  22. Singapore hosted the first-ever meeting between Taiwanese and Chinese presidents in 2015. The first meeting between the presidents of the USA and North Korea was also held in Singapore in 2018.
  23. Singapore has the most technologically advanced military in Southeast Asia. It is due to the import of high-tech weapons and their participation in multilateral military operations. (Source)
  24. Singapore has several overseas military bases in Australia, the USA, Brunei, and Taiwan. These are training bases due to the lack of training areas in the tiny country.
  25. According to the 2022 Global Peace Index report, Singapore is the safest country in Asia for its peace, cleanliness, and low crime rate. (Source)
  26. Singapore is the world’s largest exporter of asphalt mixtures. The country is the largest importer of bovine, sheep, goat fat, and glass articles. China is Singapore’s biggest trading partner in both imports and exports. (Source)
  27. Singapore is known as one of the four Asian tiger countries. All these countries have maintained economic growth since the 1960s due to an educated populace, high saving rates, and exports.
  28. Singapore is one of the biggest private tax havens in the world. It is in the 5th spot in the 2020 FSI (Financial Secrecy Index). (Source)
  29. Singapore has the 2nd highest percentage of millionaires in Asia after Hong Kong. According to estimates, millionaires in Singapore can increase up to 62% by 2025. (Source)
  30. Singapore is the 5th most visited city in the world by international travelers. The most popular visiting places in this city are skyscrapers, historical buildings, and urban parks.
  31. Less than 60% of Singapore’s population is composed of citizens. More than 40% are either immigrants or permanent residents.
  32. Singapore is the world’s 3rd largest casino market. It earns the most revenue from the casino business after Macau and Las Vegas. (Source)
  33. Singapore Night Safari is the first zoo that opens only at night. It opened in May 1994 and has nearly 900 animals of more than 100 species. This night-only zoo operates under artificial moonlight. (Source)
  34. Singapore is the most expensive country to buy a car. Numerous taxes and duties make it difficult to purchase and retain a car.
  35. The Port of Singapore is the largest in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the busiest ports in the world.
  36. Singapore and Malaysia share one of the busiest international land border crossings. In normal circumstances, more than 300,000 people cross this border daily. (Source)
  37. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is the busiest international air route in the world, regarding the frequency of flights. The air route from Jakarta to Singapore is the 3rd busiest on this list. (Source)
  38. Singapore has the 2nd lowest total fertility rate in the world. The 1.1 fertility rate is higher than South Korea. (Source)
  39. The EF EPI (English Proficiency Index) checks the English language skills in non-native English-speaking countries. Singapore is in the 4th spot out of 112 countries on this list. The second best position for any other Asian country is 18 for the Philippines. (Source)
  40. Singapore is the world’s largest importer of sand. It used this sand to increase its land area by 20% in the last 40 years. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia have banned the export of sand to Singapore for environmental concerns. (Source)
    A quartz beach sand
    Singapore imports the highest amount of sand in the world

  41. Singapore’s national men’s water polo team won 27 consecutive gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games until 2017. They took a bronze medal in the 2019 SEA Games.
  42. The first and only Formula One night race was held in Singapore in 2008. It was also the first F1 street race in Asia. (Source)
  43. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall is inside Singapore’s Changi Airport. It pumps 500,000 liters of rainwater through the roof of the building. (Source)
  44. Singapore is the greenest city in Asia. It has a green cover of over 47% of its area. It is the only country with green building legal requirements. (Source)
  45. Singapore is one of the three city-states in the world and the only in Asia. The other two are Monaco and Vatican City.
  46. The maximum height allowed for buildings in Singapore is 280 meters. Guoco Towers (283.7 m) is the only building exempted from this rule. (Source)
  47. The Flower Dome glasshouse in Singapore is the world’s largest glass greenhouse. It was established in June 2012 and covers 1.28 hectares. (Source)
  48. Since 1905, Singapore has changed its time zone 6 times. The current time was adopted in 1982, according to the Malaysian time.
  49. Singapore banned long hair for men from the 1960s to the 1990s. The purpose was to stop the spreading of hippie culture in this Asian country.
  50. The World Toilet Organization (WTO) was founded and headquartered in Singapore in 2001. This non-profit organization works to improve sanitation and has member organizations in more than 50 countries.
  51. The Indonesian president criticized Singapore in 1998 as the “little red dot” due to its tiny size. It is now famous as a nickname for this Asian country.
  52. Chewing gum with medical benefits is allowed in Singapore. Selling any other chewing gum is banned, and the offense can result in hefty fines and imprisonment for years.
  53. People in Singapore have the fastest walking speed in the world. It is according to research conducted in various cities in 32 countries around the globe. (Source)
  54. Singapore is the second most business-friendly country in the world. The Southeast Asian country has performed best after New Zealand. (Source)
  55. Using but not flushing the public toilet is a punishable crime in Singapore. It imposes a hefty fine on culprits.
  56. Singapore is one of few countries with canning as legal punishment. In 2012, more than 2,200 people, including 1,070 foreigners, received this punishment for various crimes. (Source)
  57. Singapore Flyer is the 3rd tallest Ferris wheel in the world after Ain Dubai (UAE) and High Roller (USA). This 165 m tall wheel remained the tallest Ferris wheel from 2008 to 2014.
  58. Singapore National Stadium has the largest dome structure in the world. It was established in 2014 and is 1,017 meters in diameter. This retractable dome can be opened or closed in 20 minutes. (Source)
  59. In Singapore, it is illegal to be naked in one’s private area if it is publically visible. It can incur a fine and imprisonment.
  60. There is only a single village in Singapore. It is present in the northeastern part of the country. Unlike other areas of this city-state, it is free from skyscrapers. (Source)
  61. The Japanese Cemetery Park is the largest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia. It was built in 1891 and became a memorial park in 1987. It contains the graves of more than 1,000 Japanese soldiers and civilians.
  62. The Interlace in Singapore is a combination of 31 apartment blocks joined uniquely. These blocks are placed horizontally over each other at different angles. It ensures the privacy of the occupants and provides space for greenery.


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